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Whether you’ve been searching for tree felling in Milton Keynes, crown reduction in Newport Pagnell or stump grinding in Wolverton, look no further than Kings Landscapes.

We’ve been providing tree surgery services in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas since 2004. Our qualified tree surgeons can provide a range of services including pollarding, crown lifting and hedge trimming in Milton Keynes. 

Tree Surgeon Milton Keynes

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Whether you’ve been searching for tree felling in Milton Keynes, crown reduction in Newport Pagnell or stump grinding in Wolverton, look no further than Kings Landscapes.

We’ve been providing tree surgery services in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas since 2004. Our qualified tree surgeons can provide a range of services including pollarding, crown lifting and hedge trimming in Milton Keynes. 

It’s no wonder that so many people are looking for a tree surgeon in Milton Keynes. It’s not all roundabouts and concrete, more than 22 million trees and shrubs have been planted in the new town area since its creation in 1967. While many of these trees are on public land, owned either by Milton Keynes Council or the Parks Trust, there are also many on residential and commercial sites across the town.

Not only are there a huge number of trees in Milton Keynes there are also a wide variety of species including ancient varieties such as oaks, sweet chestnuts and yews, particularly in some of the older area such as Milton Keynes village, Newport Pagnell and Wolverton. Newer trees planted more recently include London Plane and Lime, and of course many Milton Keynes households and businesses feature common hedge shrubs such as Pyracantha and Hawthorn – often used to deter intruders.

The sheer number and variety of trees and shrubs in Milton Keynes gives the area its distinctive park-like appearance, which surprises many first-time visitors. However trees and hedges don’t come without potential problems. From overhanging branches to trees that block out light, trees can also cause a nuisance. And while hedges can be useful to enhance seclusion and security, they can soon become overgrown, making any domestic or commercial property look untidy and uncared for.

Whatever you need from a tree surgeon in Milton Keynes, contact Kings Landscapes and get a tree surgery quotation today.

 Tree Surgeon Milton Keynes Case Study: New Chapter Primary School, Coffee Hall Milton Keynes 

What we did: Kings Landscapes attended the school to cut down and stump grind 16 Leylandii. We visited the school in advance to talk through the necessary work and provide a quote. We then carried out the work. The work was carried out over a 4-day period.

What they said: “The work was done very professionally and without a single hitch. The site was left clean and tidy every night, and the team arrived on time every morning. They just got on with the job. We had no problems at all, and Kings Landscapes were very professional from start to finish. If we have any more work of this nature, I will not hesitate to give you a call.”

Tree Surgeon Milton Keynes Case Study:  Bovis Homes, Crownhill Development, Milton Keynes  

What we did: Kings Landscapes spent a day removing an area of thorn trees on the Whitehouse Park residential development at Crownhill in Milton Keynes.

What they said: “Yet more great service, left with a tidy site as always.”

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Tree Surgeon Milton Keynes Services

Tree Cutting & Felling

If you need a tree removed from your Milton Keynes garden it’s best to speak to a qualified tree surgeon rather than attempt to fell it yourself. The specialist tree surgeons at Kings Landscapes have tree felling licences allowing us to cut down any tree in Milton Keynes, of whatever size. We have the expertise to understand whether damage to a tree caused by disease, such as Ash Dieback, or bad weather can be remedied by using pruning techniques, or whether it will need cutting down.

Kings Landscapes can also help if you have a tree on a Milton Keynes business or residential property that has been identified as being a risk to nearby buildings. In these cases it may be necessary to remover the tree completely.

Tree Felling/Cutting in Milton Keynes

Emergency Tree Work

While much of the work that Kings Landscapes carries out on trees is part of planned approach toward a long-term landscaping goal, there are times when our Milton Keynes customers need a tree surgeon who can carry out work at short notice because of an unforeseen incident.

The types of situations that necessitate emergency tree work include vehicular accidents, extreme weather conditions or the sudden loss or breakage of tree branches due to disease. We have tree surgeons who are fully trained in emergency tree work, which includes carrying out risk assessments and carrying out emergency operations. If you’re faced with a sudden tree emergency, contact Kings Landscapes.

Milton Keynes Emergency Tree Work

Tree Pruning & Pollarding

Pollarding is a process of heavily pruning the main branch systems of trees. This promotes regrowth producing a dense mass of branches and restricting growth so that they do not grow as tall as they would naturally. Done annually, pollarding will restrict the height of the tree pruned. Some of the trees that may be particularly suitable for pollarding in Milton Keynes include London plane and common lime.

More general pruning can be carried out in order to cut back overhanging branches of trees or shrubs. As well as making the plant look less attractive overhanging trees and shrubs can be inconvenient, blocking light or even pathways. It’s worth remembering that you are responsible for any trees on your land, and in extreme cases Milton Keynes Council or the Highways Agency may serve notice on you to prune your trees if they are obstructing pavements or roads.

Tree Pollarding/Pruning in Milton Keynes

Stump Grinding & Chipping

If you need a company to carry out stump removal in Milton Keynes, then Kings Landscapes are the people to call. We can remove any above-ground stump that is causing you problems, whether it’s on the grounds of your company or in your garden. Rather than pulling the stump from the ground, we grind the stump out using either hand tools (for smaller jobs) or heavy-duty machinery.

Stumps and roots are ground into wood chippings which can used for landscaping. Wood chippings can also be used as mulch or even as fuel for boilers. However, if you don’t have any use for the wood chippings Kings Landscapes will always take them off site and dispose of them appropriately.

Stump Grinding & Chipping - Milton Keynes

Hedge Trimming in Milton Keynes

As with trees you’re also responsible for any shrubs or hedges growing on your land. As they often form a boundary with public land it is important that you keep them under control in order to avoid getting on the wrong side of Milton Keynes Council or the Highways Agency.

Keeping your hedges trimmed is also a simple way to ensure that your property stays looking tidy. However, it can be an arduous task, particularly if you have responsibility for keeping the hedges trimmed at an office block or other commercial premises. Why not consider contacting Kings Landscapes to discuss setting up a hedge maintenance contract? We can shape any type of hedge or shrub to keep them looking attractive and staying healthy, and as with all our work we will make sure that the site is cleared after we’ve completed the job.

Hedge Trimming in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Garden & Tree Waste Removal

Kings Landscapes can provide a complete garden and tree waste disposal service, however big the problem is. Of course we always leave any site that we’ve been worked on tidy, but if you’ve done some of your own work on site, or even if you’ve been working with another company and find your grounds now look a mess, we can come and help get an untidy green space back to looking its best in no time.

You won’t need to worry about not disposing of the waste legally and appropriately, as we’ll take care of everything. Contact us today for a free garden clearance quote.

Milton Keynes Tree And Garden Waste Removal

Crown Reduction & Crown Lifting in Milton Keynes 

Crown reduction and lifting are ways of pruning trees to improve the shape of the crown (which is just the name for the ‘bit with the leaves’). Crown lifting involves the removal of the lower branches. This can be done for a number of reasons, including allowing more light under the crown – most effective when the tree in question is close to the building or part of the site you want light to penetrate – or to simply create space under the crown, for example to gain easy access under the leaves for vehicles or just to make the tree look better.

Crown reduction, or reshaping, reduces the size of the crown in order to maintain a specific shape or to retain a tree that has become too large for the space it is in. Crown reduction can also help where a tree’s stability has become compromised. Reducing the crown of a tree can reduce the risk of a tree having to be felled.

Crown Lifting & Crown Reduction in Milton Keynes

Log Splitting

If you have a fallen tree on your property or have asked us to come and fell a tree and are wondering how you can use the old tree for fuel, wonder no more. We can offer an on-site log splitting service which will supply you with firewood suitable for use in a wood-burning stove, on an open fire or in an outdoor fire pit.

We can also supply you with any additional firewood you might need.

Log Splitting - Milton Keynes

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